Supply chain

Unlike other Commodities, transportation of Milk and Dairy products poses a great challenge for the industry, as they have to ensure the transportation in an effective cold chain (Storage below 4”c) to maintain quality and retain the product freshness.

The procurement of milk from various farmers spread across different regions is a mammoth task, and infact is the backbone of a dairy industry.

Milk Procurement, which is a daily affair is the nerve centre of Milkywave. The team at Milkywave is assigned with the enormous task of co-ordinating with thousands of farmers, through a network of over 700 Vendors spread across South India.

Milkywave has devised effective supply chain management systems, manned / supervised by professionals with extensive experience of interacting with farmers, checking quality of milk and co-ordinating the logistics, to fulfil the supply chain effectively on-time, everyday.

Four chilling units owned by Milkywave, strategically located at four different regions, act as primary collection centres. Milk from these chilling centres are then transported to the Mother unit at Kunigal through refrigerated vans / tankers.

Milkywave owns and operates about 20 dedicated fleet of PUF refrigerated trucks, vans, including 5 tankers of 15,000 litre capacity each, from various centres to the processing unit, and then packaged milk and other dairy products are dispatched to respective markets on a daily basis.

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