Processing Unit

Milkywave milk processing and dairy products production unit is located in Kunigal, off the Bangalore - Mangalore Highway.

The modern Milk processing unit is designed and constructed on an industrial converted land of 6 Acres. The Processing unit is equipped with a capacity of processing 100,000 litres of Milk per day. 8 Stainless steel chiller silos of capacity ranging from 10,000 litres to 30,000 litres are installed in the processing unit.

The processing unit is managed by professionals, closely monitored by the promoters of the company. A team of over 150 personnel, including full-time and contractual staff work in two-shifts to meet the demand of the markets.

Milkywave has a distinctive advantage of homogenisation of milk, after the pasteurisation process at 75 degress celsius for 15 seconds, using steam. Three different varieties of milk are produced, based on the fat content required for respective product lines.

Two large walk-in cold storage facilities provide support to stock large quantities of products as per the required temperature, before the dispatch of products to respective locations. The unit also comprises of advanced automated filling and packing machines with conveyor belts to transport the milk / curd / buttermilk packets to the dispatch section.

A dedicated unit for processing and bottling of flavoured milk products is equipped with an automated bottle filler, along with a sterilisation unit, that sterilises the bottled Milk upto 120 degrees. over nine large steam powered pans are setup in the unit to manufacture Khova, Kalakand and Milk Cake, using both milk and milk cream.

The processing unit is equipped with a power source of 230 KVA, along with a backup of 250 KVA DG Power. The management is considering further modernisation of the plant to increase the production capacity, and enhance the quality of dairy products through innovation and process excellence.

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