Elixir of life

Since times immemorial, Cow’s milk is regarded as the elixir of life, not only in India, but across many parts of the globe.

The Milk obtained from Cows is not only charged with nutrients, but also enriched with the energy of the divine, universal mother - Kamadhenu. Cows milk and it’s by products also have enormous medicinal value, which is being now researched the world over.

A mother can provide milk to her child maximum for a period of 12 months, thereafter the child has to be fed with Cows milk. In many cases, the child doesn’t get mother’s milk beyond 3 months ! The staple diet of an infant and a growing child in Milk, that too Cow’s milk, which has all the desired nutrients to enrich the child and enable growth.

The immunity of children is boosted by the probiotics found in Cows milk, and curds. The other by products like Ghee and Butter also provide nutrition for the development of the brain. Universities the world over is conducting research on the importance of consuming Ghee made from Cow’s milk, as it has properties to enrich the brain, enabling the development of intellect.

Panner is also a rich source of protein for vegetarians made from Cow’s milk.

Curds and buttermilk are also significant sources of probiotics, which play a vital role in the digestion and absorption of nutrition, along with keeping the intestine clean and healthy.

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